So I finally started a facebook page. why did it take me so long?

1) real friends feel connected without real life connection: It bothered me for awhile that I could know what was going on in a friend’s life without them knowing… and visa versa.

2) i felt like my profile didnt reflect the real me: I never put time into updating my pictures and events, so every time I logged on it reminded me of something on my to-do list I had left unchecked

3) it made me less social: holing up in my factory is easy and enjoyable, every now and then when I craved social interaction I would log on to facebook and I think it tricked me out of calling up someone to hang out.

4)ego: i struggle with ego in myself and in others, and facebook is 101% about ego.

Why am I back?

1)ego: it’s hard for me to embrace my need for attention and success. I feel it should come from the outside, without my calling it in. But the fact is this: attention and success are byproducts of a life that is true. I shouldn’t need to go against the norm or deny myself the right to my self just to set a precedent or have “integrity”. A true leader can follow the crowd and so the first step to me overcoming any qualms I have with owning my shit is to own my shit and start somewhere.

2) people: there are plenty of people who I want in my life but can’t stay in touch with as much as i desire, facebook makes it easier.

At what price?

Fear of Selling Out…… Artist’s die when they don’t sell out. I don’t want to work for someone else using my creative energy, but I do want to work for myself. My Self does still need food and a roof and good times now and then, so she has to sell out a little.

Not updating every day…. when in the “Zone” I can’t comprehend the internet or outside possibilities, so I’m not going to feel obligated to update with every little detail of my life. Facebook is a tool, I am not a tool for facebook.

Selectivity…. I didn’t go back to my old profile because there was just too much to wade through. Only people who can make my life better will know me through facebook.

There’s a rant for ya!



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it’s embarrassing and sad. I deleted my website.(temporarily!)

but listen to this interview on the green reality show! It was great to hang with my friend Dayna and talk about some of the important factors in buying and producing recycled wear. I am so proud to live in a town with so many sustainable options, and I know this movement is spreading fast far and wide

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Needless to Say

buy local!!

the Circle Fashion Show MARCH 20th  Haywood road in West Asheville

Big Love Fest DOWNTOWN Asheville May 1st

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A great example of the problems that arise from a lack of connection between the consumer and the producer: Sweatshop Labor

On the tag of  just about every brand new piece of clothing is the name of an exotic country where the garment was made. It seems there is a notion that forced labor is a thing of the past, something that is very easy to believe when trying on a brand new pair of jeans that fit like a dream. Instead of going straight into recent articles uncovering child labor and the like(which I encourage you to do yourself), I’m going to use logic to illustrate the superficial advantages to exported labor.

In terms of making money, it’s always best to spend as little as possible and sell for as much as possible. The cost of living in the USA is higher than Sri Lanka, for example, therefor a fair wage in the USA is higher. Saving money on production in this way is completely justifiable if you look only at the numbers, but think a little longer. The cost of living in the USA is higher because of the investments we have made and continue to make in our safety and general infrastructure (the assurance of food supply, military defense, quality in education, preservation of opportunity).  Countries with a lower cost of living certainly have a lower quality of life, is it right for anyone to make a profit on that difference? The USA has a strong infrastructure because our former generations have worked for their children, most of us alive now will never see the hardships our ancestors did. But what have we done with that hard work, we have turned it into money. And now, because we have the foundation for it, we use energy from people who live in places where they have no foundation, no chance at staying alive but to work for whatever they are offered. This is called indentured servitude, just like the dark ages and medieval times, where the people with no foundation to work from are forever indebted to the source of their income.

Who is to blame? All of us. We buy these products with good intentions, these goods are produced for the profit of shareholders, and workers have no better opportunities. We can’t keep tabs on a global economy, money is worth less than human energy, and our precious infrastructure is based on a farce.

Human energy is lost in mass production, as well as art, originality, and quality. Money replaces such things, and turns into empty three-story beach houses with closets full of yellow high heels.


question, question,question.




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Wendell Berry

Checkin’ out some good perspectives on community, I discovered a collection of essays by Wendell Berry, it introduced some new ideas to me, and clarified others.

Goods and services are being mass-produced in one place, and transported to where they are needed, leading to a global economy. This separates the people and places producing from those consuming, replacing a natural cycle with an artificial one, money being the representation for the energy exchanged. There are some negative side effects that come from this process. When those who produce do not consume that which they produce, there is a loss of interest in the integrity of goods and services created. When those who consume are not associated with the production, there is a loss of appreciation for the integrity of those items produced. Not a loss of expectation for a certain value, but an ignorance of what really went into that product: the land, families, and community which made it possible for such an item to exist. Neither the consumer nor the producer is at fault in this equation. Both produce something and receive money with which to consume what they need to survive.

Is this what life is about? Existing? No. Life is about appreciating existence.

There is more, including some solutions. But right now I have a potluck to prepare for.



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Oh, Little Red Bird

Winter’s come and gone, a little bird told me so!!
Rhetorical Factory: Question Everything
“For apart from inquiry, apart from the praxis, individuals cannot be truly human. Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.”
Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of the Oppressed)
shout out to aaron steed. a phenomenal friend, musician and birder!!
you surely recognize our beautiful model, Kayla Bott. Kayla is Asheville’s Hostess of the Year. A creative girl and trusty friend.
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Merrrrr (y) Winter

I’m enjoying the snow… and not at the same time. It’s darn cold, and we aren’t supposed to get this much in Asheville! I’ve been told not to say it, but I think we should get used to this…. and maybe start preparing our roads a little better?!

Luckily the Factory has been unhindered

Check it:

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Fresh Cuffs with scraps and buttons

More Arm Warmers!! (now called “Arms”)

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somebody’s FABULOUS!

Thanks so much to Sharon and Leslie and everyone from TRASH inc. Their first annual Trashion Show was a great success! It was so much fun to see what other amazing designers are doing with recycled materials. I think Asheville is gonna LEAD the CHARGE in an awesome consumer revolution

Check out the article and full gallery in the Mountain Xpress!

I was lucky enough to have some really studly models wear Rhetorical Factory down the runway! Thank you so much guys you looked awesome!



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Come see the Trashion Show!

Featuring talented Recycled Clothing designers, food from Loretta’s, and drinks!

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Building Website

Yay our building’s website has had some sprucing up done!

Thanks to my next-door-neighbors Dan and Emily at H1 Design Group

ChaChaCheck it out:


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